Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Go Sens!

Ottawa is within a game of eliminating the Sabres in the Stanley Cup semifinals.

Not to jinx it, but actually they're within a game of sweeping the Sabres.

The Buffalo Sabres. The juggernaut of the 06-07 regular season. The team that dominated the entire league from day 1, winning their first 10 games. By mid-December they had just seven losses on their record and had not lost consecutive games. Yeah, they came down to earth a little at the end of the season, but they still won the Presidents' Trophy, and they beat the rest of the Eastern Conference by six points.

And Ottawa? A team that's named after politicians. How tough can they be? Apparently, pretty damn tough. Tough enough to knock out New Jersey, who finished at the top of our division (and second to Buffalo in the conference).

At any rate, Pittsburgh's elimination (by Ottawa, in round one) is looking better and better.

P.S. In other hockey news, Colby Armstrong scored the gold medal game-winning goal for Team Canada in the IIHF World Championship yesterday. Go Armpit!

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