Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eat'n Park Goes Smoke Free

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After a court ruling ended our 12 hours of smoke-free bars and restaurants in Allegheny County, I was bummed. But now I have hope. One of the biggest regional family restaurant chains has voluntarily gone smoke-free.

Eat'n Park is a Pittsburgh institution. It has good breakfasts and huge salad/brunch bars and some locations are open 24 hours. They have nice blueberry pancakes and this amazing thing called "grilled stickies."

The smoking ban apparently affects 68 restaurants in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They also have restaurants in Ohio, where there is a statewide smoking ban. They serve 350,000 customers a week in southwestern PA.

I'm not sure where all the pouting teenagers will spend their weekend nights now, but I'm sure some of the waitstaff is not mourning their business.

I went in specifically today to buy baked goods because I thought I should reward them with some business. I realized that I haven't sat in the left side of the Squirrel Hill restaurant in about 20 years. Once they get it cleaned up I'll have to try that.

Here's their press release.
And more info about the county smoking ban:

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ChelseyB412 said...

eat n park going smoke free is the worst thing that ever happened to my life - you'd be AMAZED at the business we lost at the etna location.