Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's Up

In the absence of actual inspiration, here's a random sampling of what I've been up to recently.

Reading Sandman.

I'm finally reading the Sandman comic series, for the first time. Yes, even though I collected comics all through the 80's and 90's I never managed to read Sandman. I don't know why, maybe because it was a DC book and I was a Marvel girl; it was expensive and I was cheap; it was pretentious and I favored mutant super heroes in primary-colored costumes. I picked up a bunch of the collected books at Pittsburgh Comicon and I've got through the first few now and ordered more from Amazon. It's keen.

Wearing Geta.

I bought a pair of these traditional Japanese sandals in San Francisco on a recent trip, and now I'm practicing wearing them so I can wear them with my Japanese outfits at Pennsic in August.

These are a bit big for me, but I was happy to find them at a reasonable price ($12) since I'll never get around to making any myself.


I'm in the worst shape I can remember, and without an ultimate frisbee team to whip me into shape I'm on my own. I have two more out-of-shape buddies and we've been guilt tripping each other into running a few times a week. Last night was the least horrible, and it actually was quite pleasant, but the other three times I was sucking wind big time.

Feeling Lush-ous.

I ordered some of these froofy natural-handmade-boutique skin care products from Lush. No bath bombs (I don't remember having a bath in my adult life), but I was intrigued by the solid shampoo and I ended up also getting a pretty soap and a facial scrub and a moisturizer. True to form, I chose the one moisturizer designed for men. The face scrub and moisturizer feel a little oily but they seem to be working out.

Ironically, I've been getting Lush catalogs since I moved (the previous homeowners apparently were fans), but it all seemed too neo-hippie pretentious until I heard actual People Who I Can Vouch For As Reasonable Folks gushing over their products.

Thinking about Buying a Mac.

The idea of switching teams is kind of scary, but I do need a new laptop, and they just seem like less work and more fun. They're big and heavy (same size as my 6-year-old Sony Vaio) and they have a funny shaped screen, but I hear they can run all the apps I need now....

Meeting Chewbacca.

At the aforementioned Pittsburgh Comicon, Peter Mayhew was one of the guests. Not that he has anything to do with comics, but hey, maybe I wouldn't have gone if he wasn't there. I paid $20 for an autographed photo, which is silly, but whatever. He seemed like a swell guy.

He told a nice story about playing Chewbacca in Revenge of the Sith. Of course since it was 20 years later they'd improved on the original Chewbacca costume, and they'd added all these robotic/remote control elements in the head and face. So they had puppeteers running facial expressions for all of the Wookies, and Mayhew said the whole time they were running film all he could hear was the whirring and buzzing of the robotics. They finish up their action scenes and they go to shoot the close-ups with Chewbacca. They start shooting and all of a sudden the motors stop making noise. Mayhew says hey, what's up, the gadgets stopped working. And George Lucas says no, we turned them off. You don't need them.

Mayhew is actually quite knock-kneed, which you can see in Chewbacca too. I was wondering if he has medical problems from being so big (and he's over 60 now), but he seemed fine.


The Wax Lion said...

I saw Mayhew at the Chicago Comicon in....oh....2002 maybe? 2001? And man he looked awful, like a dude who has smoked and drunk way too much and whose mighty aspen-like height had fallen in upon him. He was very stooped and hollow-eyed. I'm so glad to hear things have improved for him! I'd pay $20 for his autograph (though I already got one free in the mail in 1977.) I love Chewbacca.

erin said...

Well, he is kind of stooped and hollow-eyed, but I think it's just his posture and complexion. He seemed happy and healthy. I'm sure how he comes off varies widely by the lighting in the building and how much sleep he's got in the last week. He is sort of deliberate and serene in his aspect, you could probably mistake that for loopy.