Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maybe We Need a Safe Word

ThinkGeek, purveyor of geek cultural accessories, always puts out a nice April 1 edition of their advertising newsletter. It gives us such wonderful products as the Lonely Guy Dream Vacation Photo Frame, the USB Desktop Tanning Center, and many more that I can't find on their website any more.

So today, safely in mid- to late April, I get their latest newsletter. The first product is something called a Flying Alarm Clock. Supposedly, it's an alarm clock with a little helicopter thing on the top. When the alarm goes off, the little helicopter thing flies off, and you have to get out of bed and find it and put it back to turn the alarm off.

Yes, it's very similar to Clocky, which I hear is now on the market (

Ridiculous, maybe, but apparently the Flying Clock is an actual product. So how can I tell when they're serious and when they're joking?

Worse, one of their joke products from this year, the 8-Bit Tie, was apparently so popular they're now making it.

I mean, in a world with LED faucet lights and the Personal Area Network (PAN) fleece pullover, and the USB Aquarium who can tell?

On the other hand, this is just really cool.

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