Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Seats in the House

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I got to one of the open practices in Penguins training camp a few weeks ago. It was cool, as usual. They let all of us proletariat sit in one section of seats, the East Igloo and above, which left the rest of the seating area open for official business. I saw TV guys doing interviews at C-16, and a bunch of guys in shorts who probably were the injured players camped out in B-27 for a while.

But during the scrimmage I noticed a crowd gathering near my "home" section, C-21. A few at the right could be players or trainers, but up in the mini-box, that's clearly Ed Johnston, super-scout. And all the guys around him are wearing suits and holding papers. Scouts?

Seems the professionals know where to watch their hockey. And so do I.

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