Thursday, January 04, 2007



The cupcake store has opened. Film at 11.

So for a couple weeks this hole-in-the-wall shop in Squirrel Hill (local urban shopping area) has been remodeling and promising something about "premium cupcakes." I parked near there Thursday and they were open, so I went to check it out.

Apparently there are "premium cupcakes." This is a new thing that any classy city is supposed to have, like $4 coffee and Ethiopian food and hookah bars.

Dozen cupcakes is apparently an independent business. They sell froofy cupcakes. When I was in they had four or five flavors available, like mocha, peanut butter chocolate, and vanilla. A little small for my cupcake taste, but with a big swirl of buttercream icing I'm sure they make up for it in caloric density. The staff recommended I try the day's special, which was something called mint meltaway.

Mint Meltaway

It was pretty darn good. A dark chocolate glaze, mint buttercream filling in the middle, and nice cake. The only problem was that it was pretty intense. I split one with my beau and he had to run downstairs for an emergency glass of milk. Bring a friend.

I think I can get over thinking the icing on top of the regular cupcakes kind of looks like a dog turd.

The funny part was when my beau came home from work. We were chatting and he said "Did you know about premium cupcakes?" And I got to say "Did you see what's on the counter downstairs?" Apparently a friend at work had brought some in and they were fabulous. (I swear we'd been talking about this in our social group for months before, but he somehow missed it.)

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