Monday, January 15, 2007


Hanging at ABQ. Among its amenities are free wireless and this workstation with a billion outlets. (Yeah, my cell phone camera sucks, but still it's cool that I can post from it.)

Another innovation is their "cell phone waiting area" where people can hover in their cars waiting for their travelers to arrive. In Pittsburgh we use the side of the access road, and some people even pull over on the highway before the exit (both illegal). I saw about 8 people stopped on the highway on my way home, and they hadn't even bothered to turn out their headlights.

Albuquerque airport has distributed security checkpoints - one for two sets of gates. I had a nice short line. The coffee stand sells zip-top bags for 50 cents in case you forgot to bring one for your carry-on toiletries. All their rental car agencies share one site - and one shuttle.

I even found a bathroom near the ticket counter with stall doors that open out. Posh!

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