Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Research Shows - Birds Do Not Eat Fruit

Never mind what you read on the internet or in the newspaper, they just don't eat it. I've put apples and oranges out many a time, different locations and different seasons, and they never ate a one. What, they want organic? Okay, it wasn't exactly fresh. But still.

In the mean time, here are a few photos from our squirrel feeders.

Gotta love me!

Squirrel feeders

It could be worse; at the old place we had pigeons. Strong, healthy pigeons (they learned to perch on that big silver feeder), but still not as cute.


erin said...

I'm not so sure they eat thistle seed either.

JEcklar said...

Okay, so does Bio Girl have to list all the things you're doing wrong if you want to get the cool birds?

For the most part, fruit-eating birds live in fruit-growing places (like Florida, or Hawaii). Birds around here are more into bugs and seeds.

Anyway, if you want to really learn how to do the bird thing, just let me know.

(City kids...)

Cathy said...

racoons eat fruit. squirrels eat fruit. and actually, small birds like finches will pick at oranges if you cut them in half. (the oranges, not the finches.) Most birds at our latitude like sunflower seeds, that's what I use.

and really, I'm just posting here in hopes of prodding you to another entry. I mean, I manage one a week! Sort of. ish.

erin said...

The beau, who is not a city kid, supposedly knows these things. He is the bird feeder. He swears his relatives, who live even farther north than we do, have put out fruit and had birds come and eat it. Whatever.

Malcolm Z said...

I'm in the UK and I'm having great fun watching blackbirds eat apples. They dropped last Autumn (of course) and were preserved over the winter (it's cold here!) They were a bit blighted so I didn't eat them myself. Now I'm glad I didn't! It's more fun watching the blackbirds, and it must be a great source of food for them after this cold winter. So fellow Brits -- any old fruit? Put it outside and watch the blackbirds, it's better than daytime TV...