Thursday, September 24, 2009

Protest This

(A stealth G-20 post.)

I was reading a story in the Post-Gazette just now and it's talking about some of the protesters out for the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh today. And they interviewed this fellow:

"I want to be part of a moment," said Sam Brown, 22, of Sewickley.

Mr. Brown is a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Massachusetts, where he majored in art history and Asian studies. Now the poor economy has forced him to move back with his mother in the Pittsburgh suburbs, he said, and he scours craigslist every day for jobs.

All I can think is, Dude, it's not the economy.

(The whole story:

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Bob Jones said...

This art/Asian studies major is a trust fund baby living in Sewickley. His family is about to inherit millions fom a local steel company grandpa founded. He has nothing beeter to do than go to protests.