Saturday, October 11, 2008

No Fun with Plastic

No Fun with Plastic
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Somehow, of all the plastic bags wrapped around the new computer parts, this was the only one with such a graphic warning.

I think the one on the left means, "Do not use for autoerotic asphyxiation." At least if you're a lefty.

The one on the right seems to mean "No matter how funny you think it will be, do not put this on your baby." Well, duh. It will be much funnier on the cat.

The one in the middle means you can recycle it at the supermarket. Which is to say that you can stash it in your basement for ages and ages forgetting about it, then get really annoyed and throw it out when you move.


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wallen said...

I love these "when bad things happen to good stick people" images, though tend to get annoyed that the marketing world thinks we're all idiots.

You know, in your pic it kinda looks like a face...