Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey, I Paid for That!

In case you were wondering, this is what shows up in your dryer filter if you pre-wash and dry 10 yards of white linen all together.

If I were crafty, I could make a really small quilt. (Maybe Barbie-sized.)

Whoah, I'm blogging about lint. Have I really sunk so low?


wallen said...

Hey, nothing wrong with blogging about lint, though it is a bit of a fluff piece for you...

Sounds like someone's got a project going-- what are you working on?

erin said...

Yeah, I always have more better garb projects going on in my head (any confused non-SCA people reading this comment should Google "Yamakaminari" to learn more). But I have actually been learning to sew - I've been hosting occasional sewing parties at my house (lots of room and outlets and no pets). I assembled one whole windscreen and a new dress for Pennsic that I have actually sewed most of.

The linen is supposed to become a new, nicer underdress and an under-kosode for the fabulous kosode project in my head (inspired by this fabulous thing). Though now I'm thinking I should have got a lighter weight. But with another reign coming up I will be attending some winter events.

Did you know linen is ridiculously crummy and expensive at mundane fabric stores? Sometimes I wander through that section for a laugh. There's just nothing worth buying. We get really nice stuff from www.fabrics-store.com for like $6-8/yard.

wallen said...

Nice garb--pictures when you're done?

And thanks for the link to the pics-- I must say, I've missed being with you all on "Wench Row" these past couple of years. Pennsic is early this year, no? Starts today or something?

If/ when you get there, give my best to everyone! I'm hoping for next year, at least, if you'll all still have me...