Monday, September 10, 2007

My new favorite website

"'s English site is under construction. But this can use a little. If you hope old version, click here.
Please visit here in another day. You will find something change."

I think machine translation would be more accurate. But this is lots of fun:

Spike Jikatabi is for workers in forest,
mountain, or any other tilt ground.
But nowadays, They are used for gardening, Afforestation,
& for The Earth.

They're like little, accidental poems.

Jikatabi is Japanese footwear.
So, their strainge Metal fittings
"HAZE" is disliked from foreign peaple and young japanese.
Velcro solved this problem.

Jikatabi in colors
Many people wants them.
To Fashon, To Dance,
To Sports Training!!

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