Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kennywood Memories (for a small price)

Every now and then I run a "Kennywood" search on eBay, and the last time it turned up this. Wow.

When I was a kid, Kennywood Park had these Peanuts themed height signs. If you were as tall as Linus you could ride some rides, mainly the kiddie rides. Then I think Lucy or Snoopy was the intermediate level, and Charlie Brown was the tallest height limit. I think you can see in the photo that it says if you're that tall you can ride the Thunderbolt - that was always the most advanced ride in the park.

After the Peanuts signs they used signs with Kenny the Kangaroo. There's one of those up from this seller too. I also vaguely remember another height sign, it was a boy and I think it looked like Howdy Doody - I don't think it was him, just some redhead with a cap or something. But I did almost all my measurement on the Peanuts signs.

I didn't go on the Thunderbolt until I was about 15, though. I was way taller than Charlie Brown by then, I just thought it was scary.

Since I moved to a different neighborhood two years ago, the right way to go to the Homestead Waterfront shopping area is to go over the Rankin Bridge. As a kid the only reason I went through Braddock and over that bridge was to go to Kennywood. Even now I think of it as the Kennywood bridge. At the end there was a big yellow Kennywood sign pointing left. Same as the small wooden signs you would see all around the city directing you to the park.

I would love to have the Charlie Brown, but it's probably not a $2000 investment for me. Maybe not for other people either, since it didn't sell the first time it was listed. I wonder if I can find an old Kennywood direction sign for a more reasonable price....

Seller's other items:

Here's a great Kennywood tribute page with lots of old stuff:


upyernoz said...

dude, you need to learn how to do an embedded link. that last sentence should be:

Here's a great Kennywood tribute page with lots of old stuff.

it's much more blogolicious that way.

erin said...

Yeah, I can do that, but somehow I feel the links should have the dignity of their own URLs. Especially when I'm stealing content from my local newspaper (usually).

I may be doomed to a life without blogoliciousness.