Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Quarterback Throws Like A Girl

A passion flower I photographed at the Pittsburgh Zoo a few weeks ago. I'm posting it in honor of the Pittsburgh Passion football team, which just finished off its undefeated season with a blowout 32-0 championship game against the Columbus Comets to win the National Women's Football Association title.

I'm really no football fan at all - actually I think football is kind of silly - but I think it's pretty cool that people were interested and committed enough to start and support a professional women's football team around here. Chicks should be able to play football if they want to.

And any time my local team can totally crush the teams from the rest of the league, well, that's worth noting.

Rock on, ladies.

News about the championship:
Team website:
They really do sell a bumper sticker that says that:

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