Friday, October 06, 2006

My Trip to Venus

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After passing this place for years, I finally got a chance to go in last month. (I stopped on the way back from my corn-picking trip near Mars, PA.) It's frequently closed when I'm out here, and I'm usually only there on the way to or from visiting relatives, so I don't get to stop for food.

The Venus Diner is on Rt. 8 north of Pittsburgh, near the PA Turnpike (Butler Valley exit?) and a few miles south of the town named Mars. I heard there's also a town near there named Venus. Various websites say it's from 1957 or 1959.

The exterior has seen better days, but the design is lovely, especially around the entrance.

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Flickr photo sharing

I'd filled up on pastries on the way out that morning, so, uncharacteristically, I ordered a lunch dish - hot turkey sandwich. I know it's not how you're supposed to eat, but it's kind of fun when everything on the plate is the same color.

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The diner makes its own pies. But I overheard the waitress telling another customer that they had to stop selling cream pies. Apparently the health department decided their built-in refrigerator cases aren't cold enough to store cream pies legally. "Everything was fine for 30 years," she said.

Being an old Twin Peaks fan, I ordered cherry.

I've always hoped that the diner was doing well - from the outside it looks pretty run down. Inside is another story - all shiny and beautiful. Next time, breakfast!

The rest of my Venus Diner photos are on Flickr.

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