Thursday, April 06, 2006

As God Is My Witness, I Will Never Wear Gauchos Again!

I thought it was just a few crazy people, but now I've seen gauchos in a department store ad. The new ones look actually uglier than the ones I had in the 80s, these are more typically knit and flared and above or at the knee, plus there's this new thing about wearing them with boots. WTF?

In the same ad I found a picture of a denim skirt with black, lace-tipped leggings worn underneath. I knew I should have kept those!

In other news, I heard last week that a 10-year-old girl was protesting her right to wear an obscenely short skirt in school. Who would let a 10-year-old girl wear an obscenely short skirt anyway? She said the principal told her, "Your skirt has to be longer, because the boys are getting older."

I don't see what we have done to deserve these fashions. They manage to be both ugly and ridiculous at the same time. I've seen skirts, in my size, that would be indecent if I tried using them as a tube top. It's literally freakish. Especially considering how fat our kids are now - I mean, I'm really happy that these girls have a positive body image, but some of them really shouldn't. There are things I just don't need to see. In some ways, I dread the coming of summer.

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